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Marie March is running as a “Republican” in Virginia’s 47th House District, one of the most conservative districts in Virginia, despite March’s history as a  liberal, corrupt politician  who wants to  disarm and defund law   enforcement, sponsor the marijuana industry, and expand abortion in Virginia. 

Read on to learn the facts about March’s hatred for law enforcement, relationship with the marijuana industry, support for abortion-on-demand, and corruption scandals.



As a marijuana user, farmer, and shop owner, March is a proud supporter of the marijuana industry. 

2D Bear Dance Market.png
2B Marie March Hemp Field Screenshot.png

March promised DC special interests that she would vote to legalize recreational marijuana and in her first term she delivered on that promise:

2E Marie March YAL Survey Response 2021 Page 3 Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Reform

In 2023, March voted lock-step with the marijuana lobby  against  a bill that would regulate delta-8 THC edibles to protect our kids.

2F March Votes against HB2294 to restrict delta-x gummies.png



On her website, March calls herself “law enforcement's strongest advocate." But behind closed doors she is telling the DC special interests who bank-rolled her campaign that she is vehemently anti-police:

3C Marie March YAL Survey Response 2021 Cover Page.jpg
3B Make Liberty Win Expenditures on VPAP.png

Demeaning our law enforcement officers as mere “government workers,” March promises she will vote with Democrats for policies to disarm, defund, and decimate our police forces. 

Even worse, March says she supports ending qualified immunity so that officers can be sued and prosecuted in civil and criminal courts for properly doing their jobs. 

3D Marie March YAL Survey Response 2021 Page 3 Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Reform

Since being elected, March has kept her promise and voted  against  giving law enforcement officers the resources they need to do their jobs - legislation endorsed by the Virginia Sheriff’s Association and Virginia State Police Association.



One week after Ralph Northam’s horrifying comments about third-trimester abortions on the radio set off a shockwave across America, March responded to outraged Pro-Lifers with a long-winded defense of abortion:

4A Marie March Pro-Choice Facebook Post February 6, 2019.png

“How bout let’s get Big Government out of our lives- they should neither financially support  nor make [abortion] illegal-

“Many of my friends don’t want Big brother deciding what they can do with their bodies and

Laws protecting the unborn are “Big Government,” according to March, who says she believes people should make 
 “their own decisions”  about whether to have an abortion. 

March attacks the Pro-Life movement as a “HUGE lobbying interest” and blasts Pro-Lifers for making Life a polarizing issue. “We are just pawns in a game.”

Marie March in her own words:



In her first term, March used Taxpayer Dollars to enrich Herself 

-then lied to cover it up.

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 5.23.54 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 5.23.06 PM.png

March directed state employees under her supervision to do work benefiting her personal life and private businesses. 

Even worse, March tried to cover up her misconduct by directing her employees to lie and falsify their time records. 

A former aide blew the whistle on March’s office in 2022 and detailed multiple corruption allegations that March now must answer for in court. March goes to court on June 8th.

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